Degenerative Line:

The Degenerative Line is the main and most promising line of the organization thanks to its historical path and to 14 years of manufacturing experience. We continuously improve according to the development of new surgical techniques with the company of specialists and specifically based in both surgeon and patient needs.


What are degenerative spine pathologies?

The human spine is a set of both rigid and elastic elements (vertebrae and ligaments, correspondingly). This allows the spine to keep the vertebrae together but also permits relative movement among them.
The human spine has 82 joints, including intervertebral disks but not counting joints between ribs and vertebrae. These joints perform more than 600 movements each hour, which mean more than 5 million movements in a single month.
Continuous use of these joints translates into an eventual progressive wear. The type of effort that joints are subject to, together with mechanical, congenital, and individual factors, determine individual joint wear, where some disks may become more worn than others.
Due to this natural wear, pathologies such as spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, cervical stenosis, and disk hernias may begin to develop.


Anterior Cervical Spine Systems:

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